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Is It Profitable to Retrofit My Decades Old Home?

Home Retrofitting

Living in the areas of Southern California can be enjoyable for many reasons: the culture, the food, quick access to beaches, and, of course, high property values. But every beautiful area that is desirable for families to live in comes with its downsides. Although Southern California is indeed a beautiful place to live in, we are susceptible to earthquakes and seismic shifts that can turn our valuable homes and properties into piles of rubble. If you own an older home, built decades ago, then chances are the builders did not account for structural stability in the event of an intense earthquake. Just decades ago, there were very few regulations on how homes must be built in terms of earthquake safety measures. Now, builders have a better idea of how to keep homes safer in the event of a major earthquake. Luckily, even if your home is older, you have an opportunity to remedy the construction issues that don’t lend well to earthquake safety. Retrofitting an older home can save your investment. Here are a few of the main reasons why retrofitting your old home can wind up being incredibly profitable:

Save Money in Damages

As you may imagine, older homes are especially susceptible to damage during an earthquake. As time goes on, the materials used to reinforce the structure of your home can deteriorate and not serve their purpose well. In fact, the structural makeup of your home could wind up causing more damage to your home if not done properly. Plumbing, gas lines, and other concerning areas of your home are highly at risk during earthquakes, so it is imperative that the foundation of your older home is sound and well-built. The money in damages alone can far outweigh the investment in retrofitting your home. Retrofitting involves a number of procedures that are custom-assigned to your specific home’s needs; especially if it’s an older home. Not all homes were built the same way, so the approach to fixing the foundational structure will be different every time.

Increase the Potential to Sell

You may have dreamed of picking up and moving to another region of California or even to another state—and your home is your meal ticket out of here. Unfortunately, if your older home does not have a strong, intact framework and foundation, buyers will detect this in their inspections and run the opposite direction. In other words, you might have to say goodbye to your investment, and therefore, your dreams of moving away. By retrofitting your home, you can use it as a major selling point—especially in California. While people have a high interest in older homes because of the nostalgia and potential for renovation, new buyers will run scared from huge projects that involve structural issues with homes.

Increasing the Value

When you take the time and money to invest in retrofitting, you are drastically increasing the value of your home. Contrastingly, when a home is left susceptible to earthquake damage due to foundational issues, it can greatly lower the value of a home. Unfortunately, as mentioned before, most buyers won’t go near a home with foundational issues. However, if they do show interest in the property it will be at a highly reduced price. On the flip side, if you invest in foundation strengthening procedures like retrofitting, then it can not only restore the value of your home, but it can bring you top dollar for it.

Increasing Home Value

How We Approach Our Projects

The experts here at Troy Builders serve clients in a wide range of areas including: Tarzana, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Glendale, Long Beach and Woodland Hills, CA. In other words, we’ve seen it all. We know that your home is more than an investment to you, but it may be your livelihood, the place where all of your family memories are held, or where you see yourself decades from now, settled down with grandchildren. Homes are more personal than simple investments. That’s why we take the time to tailor every retrofitting project to a home’s unique design and engineering. More than anything else, we value human life—we take our time with our projects because we want to help people remain safe during California’s most terrifying natural disasters. If you would like more information on the services we provide, contact us today. We look forward to helping secure your future.