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Necessity of Retrofitting Your Old Buildings

Foundation Issue

Earthquakes, energy efficiency, and resale value; what do these three things have in common? If you own an older building, then you probably have restless nights thinking about the shape it’s in. Natural disasters like earthquakes do significant amounts of damage to homes and buildings; in Southern California like Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Burbank, Glendale, Long Beach and Woodland Hills that have experienced their fair share of devastating earthquakes, buildings have been irreparably damaged because the foundation and structure was not sound. Of course, a high-impact earthquake can shake even the sturdiest building off of it’s legs—but it’s important to be proactive in preventing the worst case scenario from happening to your home or building. Beyond earthquake preparedness, if a building’s structure was designed decades ago, it’s likely that the building is not adequately set up for energy-efficiency. Furthermore, over time old buildings naturally move and shift on unstable foundations, causing cracks in places that shouldn’t be there. This causes hot and cold air to escape or flow in, making the building far from energy-efficient. Lastly, the resale value of property in California is one of the highest in the nation, and one of the first thing prospective buyers look for is foundational issues displayed during the initial inspection. Here is a little more information about why retrofitting your old building is necessary:

It rectifies foundational issue

Have you ever looked at earthquake damage on the news and seen a single house standing amongst others that were shattered to pieces? It’s likely that the one surviving home had foundational correction work performed prior to the devastation around it. Earthquake protection is one reason to retrofit your home, making it secure and sound foundationally. Living in California, the structure of your home should be able to withstand an earthquake—especially because earthquake insurance can be a costly addition to yearly expenses. Retrofitting with techniques such as house bolting, foundation bolting, and cripple wall bracing can spare your home from devastation.

It ensures energy efficiency

Another reason why retrofitting is so important for property owners is to promote energy efficiency. While many believe that the energy-efficiency movement is just a ploy, it has real value for homeowners who pay hundreds of dollars in energy bills each month. Energy efficiency isn’t just about the windows installed or solar panels, but it is about the foundational structure of your home or building. Buildings that are older tend to undergo more movement and shifting, leaving the top corners of walls to have gaps in them, windows to not fit properly in their frames, and other issues that lead to low energy efficiency. By securing the foundation of your home and removing gaps and cracks in walls and ceilings, you can eliminate the opportunity for air to escape or come in, unless you open a window.

It increases resale value

What we haven’t mentioned in the last two points is that both of those elements affect the resale value of your home. We did, however, mention that upon initial inspections, prospective homebuyers look for things like foundational soundness and structural issues. If your building or home has obvious foundational issues it could cause you to have to lower the value of your home significantly, or could even cost you the sale of your home entirely. Paying for these issues to be taken care of before listing your home is a huge bonus for homebuyers, and they will be willing to pay top dollar for a home that has been recently retrofitted. Furthermore, because energy efficiency is important to buyers, the more capable your home is in retaining heat and cool, the better.

Retrofitting of Old Building

Retrofit your buildings with ‘Troy Builders’

In Los Angeles and the surrounding areas like Burbank, Santa Monica, Glendale, and Long Beach, the experts here at Troy Builders have been in charge of countless residential, commercial, and industrial retrofitting projects. It is our mission to ensure the safety of buildings in the Southern California area because we’ve seen the devastation that can occur here. Furthermore, we want to help make our impact on energy efficiency in the condensed Los Angeles area. We offer free estimates for individuals with concerns about the soundness in the structure of their buildings and homes because we believe in our ability to help the community. Up to 75% of homes that have already been retrofitted still need foundational work—let us be the ones to get it done right the first time.