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Reasons Why Foundation Underpinning is Needed

Cracked Wall

Owning a home comes with responsibilities that aren’t always desired. Spending money to replace windows, painting the exterior of a home, and similar issues are costly endeavors; but all meaningless if the structure of the home itself is not sound. It can be confusing to navigate foundational issues with your home, and this is an area that requires expertise and knowledge in order to figure out a good course of action. Underpinning the foundation of a house is a way that construction companies ensure that the structure of the home remains intact over time. There are different ways that experts may go about underpinning, depending on the home that rests on top of the foundation, the area that the home resides in, and the condition of the soil beneath the structure. Likewise, there are many ways that the foundation of a home can become damaged or faulty. If the foundation was not laid properly the first time, then the integrity may have been compromised right from the start; however, over decades of corrosion, earthquakes, and water damage, foundational issues are not uncommon for many homeowners. The most common reason that foundation underpinning is necessary is because the foundation is not stable enough to maintain the integrity of the house on top of it.

There are multiple reasons

There are many reasons why foundation underpinning is needed for homes with foundational problems. In order to increase the durability of the house structure, reinforcing the structure beneath the home is necessary. When foundational problems occur, you may not notice them immediately. However, one of the first visible red flags that there are foundational issues is in cracks in the exterior of your home. While you may be inclined to simply fix the cracks or repaint the exterior of the home, it is not beneficial to overlook the actual source of the issue—the foundation. There are other problems that may occur if you do not address foundation problems first.

It significantly increases home value

Inside your home, there are other signs that the foundation is not serving its purpose. For instance, if you notice cracks around window frames, in doorways, or bowing of walls these are serious causes for concern. It is easy to see how foundational issues can wind up costing you significant amounts of money in other damages alone. While underpinning and reinforcing existing foundation is not the most fun endeavor to spend your hard-earned cash on, you won’t regret it when you are able to sell your home for top-dollar down the road.

It protects your investment

Underpinning the foundation of your home is a way to secure your future; as previously mentioned, it is part of protecting your investment. Keeping your home in the best condition possible is important in order to list for a high resale value in the future; however, homeowners who are serious about buying a reliable home are sure to implement thorough foundation inspections before purchasing. Inspections often include thorough investigation of the condition of the foundation of the home; if the foundation of the home is in poor condition in the slightest, the homeowner may be responsible for fixing the foundation before selling, or the price of the home can be significantly lowered in the final transaction.

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Final words

Mass concrete underpinning, mini-piled underpinning, and beam and base underpinning are just a few of the ways that construction companies may approach your foundational issues. Because all of these terms can be confusing to the average homeowner, it is important to seek assistance from professionals in the field who have decades of expertise, knowledge, and credentials that make them the best in the business. Before hiring a company to tackle your foundation, it is critical that you do adequate research on the prospects. You should speak to others in your community who have utilized the sources and look for companies that are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Before settling on any one option, make sure you get several quotes and estimates from different companies; however, keep in mind that the lowest cost is not always the best option—quality is most important, after all, you want to make sure the issue is properly addressed the first time by the best company around to avoid more costly repairs in the future.