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What we do

Troy Builders has been serving the Los Angeles area with expert foundation and retrofitting services to commercial and residential clients for over 10 years. As a certified and licensed contractor that works exclusively in the earthquake prone areas of Southern California, we have the hands on knowledge needed to ensure our clients and their structures are properly taken care of. We offer all kinds of services, from house bolting and foundation repairs to full earthquake retrofitting. We inspect foundations all over the greater Los Angeles area and are always available to answer any questions about the repair process your building may need to undergo.

Our commitment

Making sure our clients are comfortable and safe is our top priority. We pride ourselves on our build quality and workmanship, and we know that our experience and training will literally stand up to the test of time. Earthquakes are happening numerous times a day in this city, whether you feel them or not, and those vibrations are constantly rocking the structure and foundation of your home or commercial building. Over time this can cause problems with how the structure settles and the foundation may even crack or weaken. This is where we come in, Troy Builders knows the area is full of homes built from as early as 1920 to as currently as 2017 that are all unique cases and are in need of some type of structural or foundation reinforcement.

Who we are

Troy Builders is a family owned and operated business where we take pride in our honest and professional service. We are highly experienced and knowledgeable and therefore very efficient in foundation and framing.

Within our clientele you will find many general contractors and investors alongside building and home owners, all of which keep using our services on a regular basis.

We will spare no effort or cut any corners to give you maximum results and peace of mind from all your foundation and construction needs so you can rest assured that our family will take care of your family’s home foundation needs.

Our mission

We constantly strive to BETTER ourselves and enrich our professional knowledge by keeping up to date with new materials, new methods and building code changes so that you, the customer, is sure to get the best possible service to will solve ALL your foundation structural needs or problems.

What else you can expect from us

If you would wish, after we complete the foundation repair job, we can also take care of any other related issues such as drywall or stucco cracks, loose or broken tiles, hardwood, roofing etc. as we are highly skilled in all aspects of construction.

Let’s meet

We look forward working with you on all your foundation and construction needs. Efficiency is savings and Troy Builders is the right call and the only call you need to make for all your foundation and construction needs.

Call our Tarzana office today to schedule an appointment for our team to inspect your foundation and go over a written estimate with you. You can also contact us through our online form and one of our specialists will confirm details with you as soon as possible.

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