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Advantages of Foundation Inspection

Foundation Repair

Living in Southern California comes with some of the greatest perks in the country. Home values are higher, the scenery is vast and diverse, and living on the west coast is desired by people all over the globe. Not everyone gets the opportunity to live in California, and those who do are also unfortunately familiar with the ever-present danger of impending earthquake destruction. Luckily, there are ways to feel more at ease about this reality.

Owning a home or a building in the Southern California area is an accomplishment that no one should take for granted; however, if you’ve lived through the experience of one of our previous devastating earthquakes, it can leave you a little uneasy at times—especially if you own an older home. Older homes and buildings in particular are susceptible to earthquake damage because they were built under a less-strict set of standards than structures today. Furthermore, the materials used to build older buildings are usually not properly secured. Having a simple foundation inspection can bring you one step closer to peace of mind. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding to schedule a foundation inspection.

Helps you make vital decisions about your home or building

A foundation inspection is a daunting process to many home and building owners in the area because it affirms the reality that we might not be totally safe from an earthquake. Unfortunately, ignoring this fact won’t bring you any closer to security and protection. Having a simple foundation inspection brings you one step closer to making those vital decisions about your building that can spare you heartache and devastation in the future.

Gives you an idea of the costs to fix foundational issues

An inspection can be highly predictive of the process that will be involved in repairing or solidifying the foundation of your home. This usually includes a rough estimate of the costs that are associated with the process for your unique situation. For instance, the cost of the operation could depend on the location of your home or building, the condition or quality of the soil or ground it stands on, the materials your home is made of, the age of your home, and/or how many processes will be involved to achieve optimal results. In any case, an inspection will give you more valuable information to work with in your decision-making process.

What foundation repair can do for your home or building

Before you schedule an inspection, it might help to think about the reasons why you’re interested in the process in the first place. Foundation repair can do a lot for the residents of Southern California, and you might personally benefit from it.

Ultimately improves the value of the structure

There is no question that the home or building we’re thinking of has a personal value to us in some way; however, structures also carry a monetary value that changes over time. When you improve the foundation of the structure, the value simultaneously improves.

Extends the life of the building

The life of the building in question can be quickly cut short by a catastrophic earthquake. The structures that still stand after such devastation are often buildings that were retrofitted and secured through foundational repairs. These processes can greatly extend the life of your building and keep it sturdy for decades to come.

Brings you one step closer to a more secure future

Whether the building is a residence or a commercial building, foundational repair begins with an inspection. Even scheduling the inspection has brought you one step closer to the ultimate goal: securing your future.

Foundation Inspection

Why it’s important to hire experienced, skilled professionals for the job

There are many contractors in the Southern California area who claim to have experience and expertise in the subject of foundational repair and retrofitting; however, it’s important to research a company before hiring them. Experience and skill are determined by several factors, including reputation and consistency. Troy Builders continues to provide that consistency to the residents of the greater Los Angeles area, and have earned a stellar reputation in the nearby cities of Tarzana, Santa Monica, Glendale, Long Beach and Woodland Hills, CA. If you would like to schedule a free foundation inspection, please contact one of our professionals directly. We look forward to extending our services to help you secure your future.