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Remodeling and renovating your home is supposed to be one of the most exciting times for a homeowner; allowing you to finally make the additions or changes that you have thought about to make your home start to feel more like it is actually yours. However, when you run in to obstacles like stubborn general contractors who are not open with you regarding important information for things like the cost, time and materials of any given job, the entire process can go from a dream come true to a complete nightmare, costing you more and more money and taking all of the excitement and fun out of your new additions to your home.

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This is an unfortunate situation for many homeowners but for homeowners in Agoura Hills that are looking for professional contractors that offer fair and competitive pricing, Troy Builders is the solution you have been waiting for. Believing in complete transparency between our contractors and you, we will work with you each step of the way to design and plan whatever work you may want or need, that way if there are any alterations or changes that are required, you are kept in the loop and well aware of any effect on cost or other areas that it may have.

We also know that not every home renovation is a cause for celebration, one area that needs to be properly monitored by a well-experienced construction company is the foundation of a home. Over time and when factoring things in like soil health, quality of the initial job and wear and tear over the years, a home’s foundation can become surprisingly unstable, weakening the entire home and making it more susceptible to damages in the event of something like a heavy rain storm, high winds or the ever unpredictable earthquake. The remodeling contractors at Troy Builders will not only take care of annual foundation inspections to monitor the health of your foundation, but we are equipped and experienced enough to also handle making the proper repairs to restore your foundation to long-lasting and strong health.

One of Agoura Hills’ choice construction companies for years, call Troy Builders today to give your home the work it deserves.