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Forgoing the stereotypical image of a contractor, the experts at Troy Builders have spent years learning and working to offer the best, most complete service possible for homeowners looking for anything from renovations and repairs to foundation inspections and retrofitting. This experience along with an emphasis on quality work and exceptional customer service has helped to make Troy Builders one of the leading construction companies for homeowners in Canoga Park.

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Allowing homeowners the chance to work with a general contractor that offers a wider array of services than the typical contractor may, we will work closely with you throughout the entire process, making renovations or remodels easier than ever, as extensive planning and coordinating will allow the process to go smoother and faster than it would with other remodeling contractors.

We believe that a construction company is only as good as the services that it can offer and we know that for homeowners in Canoga Park, earthquakes and damages to the foundation of a home is a real concern and issue and something that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible and then constantly maintained and monitored after that. Our contractors are available to perform full foundation inspections that can find and diagnose any signs of cracks or wear and tear that may lead to structural instability or weaken the foundation of the home as years pass and the wear continues to expand.

Another important factor to consider when it comes to remodeling contractors is their ability to stay in budget, with that in mind, Troy Builders offers affordable and competitive pricing, getting you the quality and experienced contractor that you need to get the job done right but to also make sure that the job gets done in a cost-effective manner to keep you under budget.

For over 10 years Troy Builders has been helping homeowners in Canoga Park and the surrounding areas with everything from kitchen and bathroom remodels to foundation inspections and anything else you would look for from a general contractor and a construction company alike, giving you a more complete service overall.