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The city of Chatsworth is one of the busiest in terms of things constantly going on, there is always a place to go or a person to see, making it a popular destination for homeowners that want to be close to the bigger cities without paying LA prices. However, with so many businesses and offices throughout the city, a lot of the homes are a little older and are in need of a bit of maintenance to help restore them to the appearance that they had before any wear and tear.

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It is fixing these cosmetic and internal issues that make trustworthy and experienced contractors so valuable to any homeowner. Rather than relying on any general contractor to handle the care and maintenance of your home and helping you restore it as you see fit, the experts at Troy Builders have years of experience offering friendly and affordable services for your home.

Fully licensed and insured remodeling contractors will help make sure that whether it is the bathroom, kitchen or a bedroom in need of remodeling, the process will be an easy one with an emphasis on your satisfaction with the end result. For older homes it can be truly remarkable what a renovated room or two or updates to the windows and paint can do for the overall look of the house.

The services we offer do not stop there however. A reliable construction company, we provide complete and thorough foundation inspections to help make sure that your home’s structure is intact and was properly installed and free of any design flaws or damages that could result in dangerous situations later on down the line.

For over 10 years the contractors at Troy Builders have been helping Chatsworth homeowners renovate and restore older homes to their previous appearance and we take pride in placing customer service and satisfaction first. If your home is in need of the services of a general contractor, let Troy Builders provide complete services at an affordable price and call us today for a free estimate or to schedule an appointment for your home’s work.