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Offering numerous shopping centers and restaurant choices, Glendale has become a popular destination for homeowners not just because of its’ close proximity to the downtown Los Angeles area but also because of just how much there is to do throughout the city now. No matter what your reason is for living in Glendale, it is important that your home be properly maintained and taken care of both on the outside and the inside. One of the biggest reasons for owning a home is simply being able to finally make the decisions on things like the flooring, countertops and kitchen cabinets which makes finding remodeling contractors one of the most important things to do before starting any project on your home.

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For Glendale residents, Troy Builders has offered exceptional quality work and customer service for over 10 years, making us one of the top choices for construction companies in the area. By working with you to determine the best materials, course of action and budget for any given job, you are able to be a part of the entire process from start to finish, giving you a type of hands-on impact that no other general contractor can offer.

This method has helped us to earn a reputation as having not only one of the highest quality staffs of remodeling contractors, but for putting customers’ needs first and making sure the job gets done the right way. However, we know that there is more to being a homeowner than remodeling and renovating, one of the biggest services we offer are foundation inspections. The health of a home’s foundation and framing is one of the most important and sometimes overlooked aspects of a house, not to mention of it is an older home where the method of building or laying the foundation was done poorly. From retrofitting to completely relaying the foundation, our general contractors are able to make sure that your home is properly maintained and capable of withstanding whatever the elements may throw its’ way.

No matter what your home may need, the expert contractors at Troy Builders will put your experience first and make sure you get as much bang for your buck as possible.