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Offering one of the largest and most popular community colleges in the state, Moorpark is much more than just a “college town.” Full of things to do, the town has plenty of homes that range from apartments that are affordable to students to larger homes for families and roommates alike. No matter where you live however, knowing that your home is in good condition from a foundation level is something that should be a top priority for homeowners. The framing and foundation in any home, no matter how new or old, should be annually inspected to be certain that it is up to code and free of damages.

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The expert contractors at Troy Builders have years of experience working on homes and know not only what to look for when it comes to the health of the foundation of your home, but we have the tools and know-how to make the proper repairs and retrofitting should the previous foundation have been laid incorrectly or poorly. Safety is never something to take lightly no matter the age of a home.

Expensive remodeling contractors can sometimes find ways to make the work you need more and more costly which is why the contractors at Troy Builders work with complete transparency with you, to be sure that you know the services you are getting and the cost upfront as well. Founded on the belief that home renovations and maintenance should be affordable to all homeowners, for over 10 years Troy Builders has been offering quality work for everything from foundation repair to room remodeling and renovations at affordable and competitive pricing.

This emphasis on customer service and attention to detail in the quality of work is what makes Troy Builders a great choice for first time homeowners who are looking for a trustworthy construction company that offers both good, reliable work and affordable pricing.

For homeowners in Moorpark that are in need of any remodeling work or that would like to check the health of their foundation, please call us today to speak with one of our expert contractors and to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.