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It is no secret that over time things begin to show signs of wear and tear after years of use. While some things are easy to hide, when it comes to your home unfortunately it is a little more difficult to hide the signs that it has been around for years and things like the interiors, floors, outside paint and wallpapers all show that the home has certainly seen better days. There are plenty of at-home remedies that are sold that let the homeowner help give a temporary solution but for long-lasting results that you can count on being done right, the best option is still finding a general contractor that you can trust.

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For homeowners throughout Reseda, Troy Builders has been the construction company of choice for over 10 years. With extensive experience in most aspects of maintaining and renovating a home, our contractors offer a wide array of skills, meaning that your home receives the work that it needs by trained and experienced professionals and best of all, at an affordable and competitive price. California is unfortunately known for the unpredictable earthquakes that can cause lots of expensive damages to a home, which makes our foundation underpinning and retrofitting services vital to any homeowner as they can help reduce the risk of massive damage to your home in the event of an earthquake.

Should your home already have sustained damages or have potentially severe wear and tear signs, our remodeling contractors will work with you to not only repair any issues and return them to as good as new condition, but we are also experienced with remodeling various rooms in the house that may be in need of an update to help breathe new life into your home.

Reseda homeowners have relied on Troy Builders to offer quality work at affordable prices for years and our staff of contractors has helped to make sure that no matter what the issue may be, we are trained and ready to help either reinforce your home’s structure and stability or give it the brand new look that you have been thinking about.