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Owning a home near the beach is something most homeowners dream of, even though in actuality it takes much more work and maintenance to help keep your home in perfect condition. While a cool ocean breeze is a great thing to feel first thing in the morning, the salty air can unfortunately accelerate the wear and tear on things like your windows and the paint on your home but deeper than that, it can also begin to deteriorate the wood framing or foundation of your home, in addition to the wear and tear that already occurs naturally.

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Keeping your home in good condition and keeping an eye on things like the health of the foundation as well as making the proper cosmetic repairs and alterations are all services that many homeowners turn to a general contractor to take care. While usually experienced, they can sometimes be costly and can take a lot of time getting the job done, making finding an alternative something that is extremely worthwhile.

For Santa Monica residents that have needs ranging from repairs to remodels, Troy Builders has been one of the choice construction companies for years. Relying on years of experience to make sure that no matter what the job is, your home receives affordable work without sacrificing any level of quality.

Our staff of contractors has been servicing homes in the area for over 10 years and we have seen firsthand, just about every issue that a home may encounter and we are confident that we can repair and restore them to as good as new, if not better than ever.

Also offering an alternative to remodeling contractors, we will help you plan and design remodels to rooms like the kitchen or bathroom, giving your home the breath of fresh air that you have been looking for without the extensive and time consuming construction process and with an emphasis on keeping the pricing fair and competitive to other contractors throughout the area.

If your Santa Monica home is starting to feel the effects of the beach weather or you think it may be time for an update to one or multiple rooms, call Troy Builders today to speak with one of our contractors for a free estimate.