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Beautiful homes of all sizes line the streets in the neighborhoods of Sherman Oaks, no matter how old or new they are, they are well maintained and kept, looking as if they have been in perfect condition for years. Of course, it takes a lot of hard work to maintain and keep any of these homes in proper condition both cosmetically and structurally. For many homeowners, using a general contractor is a great way to make sure that their home is getting the proper work done but for more significant problems with the foundation or framing of a home, it can take more than just a skilled contractor to get the job done right.

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Changing what it means to be a construction company, Troy Builders puts the emphasis on the customer’s satisfaction and making sure that the quality of the work performed on your house is never compromised. There are many different things that homeowners often want to do when it comes to maintenance and renovations and the contractors at Troy Builders make it so no matter what it is you need, we can get the job done at an affordable price with the same high quality.

Our remodeling contractors make redoing the kitchen or bathroom as easy as ever, getting your home the update it needs to look and feel brand new again or to repair things like broken cabinets or old and chipped countertops. One of our biggest specialties however is our work with foundation underpinning and retrofitting. A huge issue in homes where work was done improperly or with cheaper materials, underpinning and retrofitting are two options to reinforce the strength of your home’s foundation, making sure that it is durable and built to last, which is an invaluable thing to consider when it comes to Southern California and the unpredictable nature of earthquakes.

While general contractors can help get smaller jobs done, the experts at Troy Builders have been giving homeowners in Sherman Oaks a one-stop source for any type of home maintenance that they may need, all for an affordable price that makes renovating your home easier than ever.