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Studio City

Named after and known for being home to some of the biggest movie studios, Studio City is full of history just about everywhere you look. Although it is a destination for people looking for restaurants and it has plenty of high quality hotels to for visitors to stay in, there are still plenty of homeowners throughout the city with houses that have long been reflections of the same mentality the city was founded with. Understanding the history that exists in each home is important for any general contractor that a homeowner may be looking to hire for any maintenance or repairs that your house might need.

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For over 10 years, homeowners in Studio City have been able to trust the expert contractors at Troy Builders to take care of anything that their home is in need of while remaining different from all other construction companies. Our remodeling contractors know that for most homeowners, remodeling or renovating one or multiple rooms in a home is a big and exciting undertaking and when done properly, can lead to a brand new look and feeling in a home of any age. That is why our staff of contractors will work with you to make sure the job goes exactly how you imagined it while keeping you in the loop throughout the entire process.

Another thing that makes us a unique construction company when compared to others is our attention to detail and ability to handle any issue your home may have completely in-house. From conducting a thorough foundation inspection to determine if there are signs of damage or the warning signs that something is off with the foundation or framing of your home, to repairing them the right way or underpinning the foundation to reinforce it, our contractors have the know-how and the experience needed to make sure that your home’s foundation is as strong as possible, with annual inspections making sure that the work done is built to last.

It is important to make sure that your home is stable and durable, especially when you consider all of the history throughout all of Studio City and the experts at Troy Builders will make maintaining your home easier than ever before.