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Newer and larger sized homes can be found in just about every neighborhood in Thousand Oaks. Combining the latest technology in home building with traditional senses and designs, these homes are safer and sturdier than ever before but still can require the hand of a skilled general contractor to make sure that proper maintenance can be handled. Knowing what to look for when it comes to the foundation and framing of your home is essential when choosing a contractor and while there are usually many options to choose from and consider, the difference between a good contractor and a great one is often in the little details.

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For years the expert contractors at Troy Builders has been inspecting and maintaining homes’ foundations throughout Thousand Oaks and as technology has improved, we have seen firsthand the different mistakes and issues that can still arise and we are confident that we can get those mistakes corrected and taken care of with minimal intrusion on your home, a far cry from the often imagined extensive repair processes.

While new homes likely will not require the services of a remodeling contractor, there are older homes throughout the city and oftentimes something like a remodeled bathroom or renovated kitchen can help a homeowner feel like their home is as good as new, while breathing new life into the property and even adding value should they want to sell their house one day. The remodeling contractors at Troy Builders know all of the benefits and help that a renovation project can have on a home’s appearance and value and our work will help make each room we renovate look better than ever before without taking away from any other areas of the house.