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Combining modern style with traditionally built houses, homeowners in Valencia expect high quality when it comes to the work and maintenance that their home receives. Whether it is renovations or updates to the interior or the exterior, or there is a more extensive and substantial process that is required, it is important that the work of general contractors that you use is high quality and reliable so that you can count on your home to look good and stay strong for years to come.

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The expert contractors at Troy Builders have been doing just that for years: providing high quality service that is built to last years to come. Combining a traditional work ethic with the idea that homeowners should be able to afford the work that their home needs, we work to offer a wide array of services that helps to set us apart from other construction companies. Specializing in foundation underpinning and retrofitting, our work is guaranteed to last for years to come and to also reinforce your home so no that matter how old or new it is, you can rest assured that it is built to last for years. After conducting a thorough inspection on your home’s foundation, we will take care of all repairs and renovations in-house with our staff of experienced contractors so that the work stays guaranteed but affordable at the same time.

Also on staff are our trained and experienced remodeling contractors, who know just what a difference a renovated kitchen or bathroom can make in the overall feel of a home and we will work with you to deliver a beautiful new room that not only fits your vision and what you were looking for but will also keep you under budget as much as possible, a far cry from the typically expensive work of a general contractor.

Homeowners throughout Valencia have been counting on the contractors at Troy Builders to handle their home’s renovation and remodeling needs for over 10 years and with affordable and competitive pricing, that new remodel or project you have been thinking about has never been closer.