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When you live in Ventura, there is no such thing as a bad view as almost anywhere throughout the city you have a good view of the sandy beaches or clear ocean. Whether you live in a home or one of the many apartment complexes, it is important that your home’s foundation be properly maintained and taken care of, especially when you consider the accelerated wear and tear that can be caused by the salty ocean air. Not only will it cause additional wear on the paint and wood framing but over time with constant slight shifts and adjustments the foundation can become susceptible to damages as well.

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Finding a general contractor that you can count on to understand all of the effects that the ocean air can have on your home and knowing the proper ways to fix and repair them so you do not have to worry about the stability of your home for years to come. Homeowners in Ventura have long chosen Troy Builders as their construction company when it comes to properly repairing any part of a home that has been corroded or worn down over time. Our contractors have years of experience in properly diagnosing and repairing damages to the foundation of a home. Aside from offering thorough inspections to determine the extent of any damage, our contractors will take care of any issues that need to be repaired in a quick and efficient manner.

Our remodeling contractors also know the importance of maintaining things like a fresh coat of paint or repairing damages to the wood of a home which is why we work to offer complete services so that anything your home may need is affordable and handled in-house.

For over 10 years Troy Builders has been providing Ventura residents with a different level of contractor. With a wide variety of services combined with the knowledge and experience needed to handle repairs and maintenance of just about any type, we are confident that when you choose Troy Builders you will see what has helped set us apart from the rest of the construction companies in the area.