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How to Know Whether or Not to Retrofit Your Commercial Building

Commercial Building

There’s no doubt that earthquakes cause destruction and devastation in some cases, and it’s been a while since the last catastrophic one hit Southern California. However, smaller, less significant seismic activity occurs frequently, often without us knowing. The accumulation of these small seismic waves can cause buildings to shift and deteriorate if they’re not well-built or earthquake prepared. This can lead to loss of jobs, loss of investments, and in the worst cases, injuries and loss of lives.

Deciding whether or not to retrofit a commercial building comes with many factors to consider, and it’s important to know more information about the topic before deciding against or for it. Since earthquakes pose such a serious threat in the local areas, retrofitting can offer a great relief to building owners and renters alike. If you’re considering having your commercial building retrofitted, you might feel more determined after scheduling a foundation inspection. There are many advantages to retrofitting commercial buildings, and if you’re wondering whether you should reinforce your own building’s foundation, then the following information might help you determine if the process would ultimately be beneficial.

Age of the building

One of the biggest factors in determining whether a building could benefit from retrofitting or not is the age of the structure. Many buildings built over two decades ago were not equipped with the proper earthquake structural standards that are set forth today. In past devastating earthquake encounters, many commercial buildings were lost due to unfit structural components. This could also have something to do with the materials used in the building process. Structures that are built out of brick or heavy masonry might seem sturdy; however, if they aren’t properly reinforced they can crumble relatively easily in the event of a strong earthquake.

Why retrofitting is important

There are many reasons why retrofitting is important, but this process is especially relevant in the Southern California areas that are so susceptible to earthquake devastation. Retrofitting can protect against such devastation, but there are other ways that it insures the people affected from personal devastation. Owning a commercial building comes with certain responsibilities as well, and they might help you determine whether retrofitting is a priority for you.

Reduces risk to occupants

One of the biggest reasons to retrofit a building is to ensure the safety of the people inside of it. During the 1994 earthquake in Southern California, many commercial buildings crumbled, causing significant injuries and even death to many individuals. By retrofitting and securing the structure more soundly, you can prevent serious injuries and even death to the occupants of your building.

Lower earthquake insurance costs

Earthquake insurance often doesn’t come with many insurance premiums, and it’s usually an added expense. However, if you have earthquake insurance for your commercial building, retrofitting it can significantly reduce the risk and therefore the cost of your insurance.

What the future of the building holds

Commercial buildings are often a way of securing the future for someone—whether it’s the building’s owner or their children that they will pass their legacy down to. Ensuring your investment by keeping your building strong and sturdy will also uphold a legacy and keep businesses alive. Losing a commercial building can be devastating not only for the owner of the building, but for all the employees who rely on that residence for monthly income. And ultimately, the future of the building rests on whether it will live to see another day.

Retrofitting Commercial Building

Start with a foundation inspection

The foundation experts here at Troy Builders have helped secure commercial buildings all over the greater Los Angeles areas, including: Tarzana, Santa Monica, Glendale, Long Beach and Woodland Hills, CA. Commercial buildings are different from residential buildings, but when it comes to the reasons behind retrofitting them, they’re really the same: it saves lives and promotes security. Specializing in foundation repair, commercial earthquake retrofitting, and foundation underpinning, we are Southern California’s leading experts in earthquake preparedness. Between our years of experience in the business and the quality of work we provide, we provide our clients with security and peace of mind. If you’re considering retrofitting your commercial building, please call us to schedule a free inspection. We look forward to helping secure your building, and its future.