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How to Retrofit Your Home on a Budget

Home Retrofitting

In the region that rests on a fault line, we are no strangers to earthquakes and intense seismic waves. While you might be dreaming of your future kitchen, bathroom, or back yard, all of the hard work and repair you put towards those things will be completely undermined and rendered pointless if your home’s foundation is not secure. The foundation of your house is what keeps it secure during intense earthquakes, and protects it from the potential damaging effects of ongoing, cumulative seismic wave activity. While it’s important to recognize that earthquake retrofitting is crucial for homes in various California areas, it is also important to acknowledge that the cost of such procedures does not come easily for most individuals or families. That’s why it’s important to only do what’s necessary, and nothing more. Especially if you plan on selling your home in the future. Earthquake retrofitting can improve the value of your home overall, putting more money into your investment that will certainly be returned. Here are some things to consider if you are looking into retrofitting on a budget:

Does your home need retrofitting to begin with?

This is the big question. Home retrofitting is not necessary for all homes, but it is recommended for most homes that reside in the precarious areas of California which are usually affected by earthquakes. One of the most telling factors of the need for retrofitting improvement or foundational work is the age of your home or the year it was built in. Older homes, usually over 20 years old, were built on far less strict retrofitting standards, leaving these homes especially susceptible to damage during an earthquake. Retrofitting specialists are familiar with the signs and symptoms of a home that is in danger of collapsing during an earthquake; therefore, it is critical to have a professional come inspect your home for existing damage or other concerning signs of previous earthquake damage.

How to decide what improvements should be made

Foundational repairs and improvements can be expensive, especially when numerous procedures must be performed. The good news is that you have options, and your contractor or builder will work with you to provide cost-effective methods that will get the job done and safeguard your home during an earthquake. Earthquakes are somewhat unpredictable, and therefore so is the amount of damage that your home may withstand. Taking the proper precautions to keep your home secure will depend upon the area of your home, the existing foundation, and the recommendations of the professionals who inspect it. Collaborating with several professionals is recommended to get the best deal and the best outcome overall that will greatly improve your homes safety, but not leave you broke.

The average cost of earthquake retrofitting

All companies charge differently for retrofitting work, which is why it is important to weigh your options before investing in one. The amount that it will end up costing to retrofit your home depends on several factors, including it’s size, number of stories, and the presence of crawl spaces or basement areas. Furthermore, depending on the number and type of recommended procedures, a residential earthquake retrofitting process, from start to finish, could cost anywhere from a few thousand to seven thousand dollars. It is important to consult with a professional building company that can help inform you of their processes and how they charge for various procedures and jobs.

Home Retrofitting on Budget

How we can help

The retrofitting professionals here at Troy Builders have extensive experience in the areas of Tarzana, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Glendale, Long Beach and Woodland Hills, CA, all of which have suffered devastating earthquake effects over the past decades. Home retrofitting can save your home from significant earthquake damage or total collapse in the event of an earthquake; therefore it is critical to have your home inspected as soon as possible. If you aren’t sure about the condition of your home’s foundation or whether you might be a candidate for earthquake retrofitting, contact us today to schedule an inspection and consultation. As residents of the same areas, we take pride in our ability to provide our services to the community and families at an affordable price. For more information about our pricing and retrofitting options, please get in touch with our friendly staff.