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Earthquake Retrofitting

It’s an unfortunate truth that in addition to beautiful beaches and perfect weather, California is known for its’ unpredictable earthquakes. Year after year residents are told to always be prepared for “the big one” so now is as good a time as ever to make sure that your home is fitted with the best possible support to prevent damages if and when an earthquake should hit.

We perform quality earthquake retrofit

Troy Builders is LA’s leading home retrofitting experts and we’re backed by years of experience performing quality earthquake retrofits. It’s impossible to predict when an earthquake can strike but proper earthquake retrofitting can help give you as much confidence as possible that your home can withstand an earthquake of any size.

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What is earthquake retrofitting

Earthquake retrofitting involves updating all of the components of the home to make it as modern as possible and as safe as possible. Our experts employ a wide variety of techniques to suit your home’s needs, everything from installing holdown brackets and cripple wall bracing to full foundation bolting, When we retrofit a home to be more earthquake prepared, we will consider every possibility to make sure your home avoids as many damages as possible in the event of an earthquake.

Seismic retrofitting is crucial to the protection of your home as outdated supports can lead to extensive damages should an earthquake hit so trust Troy Builders and our experienced contractors to properly install and retrofit your home.

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We’re conveniently located on Ventura Blvd in Tarzana and also retrofit homes in Los Angeles, Burbank, Santa Monica, Glendale, Long Beach and Woodland Hills. Being LA’s leading home retrofitters is not something we take lightly, with an emphasis on customer service and collaboration, we want your experience to be a great one and for you to be as satisfied and confident in the work done to your home as we are.

With the sudden nature of earthquakes, don’t hesitate any longer to make sure that your home is equipped and ready. To schedule earthquake retrofitting for your home with one of our expert contractors or if you have any questions about your home’s current structure, please call us at 866-799-8769. .

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