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Foundation Repair

Fix the foundation issues

After you’ve had your home inspected and you’re aware of any potential foundation issues or current issues, it’s imperative you get them fixed as fast as possible to avoid any further damages down the line. That usually means a complicated process of looking for contractors you can trust and more importantly, whose work you can trust.

Your home needs quality work

The expert foundation contractors at Troy Builders will take all of the guesswork out of the process to make sure that your home gets what it needs with quality work performed as timely as possible to make the whole experience a convenient and simple one.

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We use only highest quality & certificated tools

When approaching foundation repairs like bowing walls, sticking windows and doors or the foundation itself appearing to be sinking, our contractors use only the highest quality and certified tools for the job. No two issues are ever the same when it comes to foundation so we’ll work closely with you to come up with the right way to fix it, specific to the issue that you’re having.

Whether it’s mudjacking, stabilizing concrete or the walls or installing push piers, we have years of experience making the necessary repairs to solve the issue not just for a little while, but to give you a more permanent solution and peace of mind.

Don't let the problem get bigger

Sometimes the problem is a bit bigger and requires we repair cracks in the foundation. Cracks are troubling because they can lead to catastrophic damages should they grow too large so it’s important that any cracks are handled right away, so call Troy Builders to make sure our contractors can come fill in and repair those foundation cracks at your earliest convenience.

In extreme cases, you may need the foundation replaced. There are a few reasons why you may need foundation replacement and we know exactly what to look for. Be it old and badly deteriorated concrete foundation, poor quality of work on the original foundation installation or even your house was built with no foundation; we know what it takes to securely replace the foundation of your home. While it may sound like a daunting task, our contractors at Troy Builders will be there every step of the way to make the process as smooth as it can be. In the case that a house has sunk due to a sinking foundation we may in some cases "Jack Up" the structure to its original elevation in order to prevent having to completely demolish and rebuild the structural elements.

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Located in Tarzana, we also service homes in Los Angeles, Burbank, Santa Monica, Glendale, Long Beach and Woodland Hills. If you’re in Southern California and feel like your home may need an inspection or you need foundation repairs, please call and schedule an appointment with one of our contractors at 866-799-8769.

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