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Full of neighborhoods of cozy homes perfect for families of all sizes, Agoura Hills residents unfortunately know that at any moment, an earthquake may strike and if your home is unprepared, it can be subjected to catastrophic damages. Staying prepared and insuring that your home’s foundation is solid and capable of standing the test of time and whatever the elements may throw its’ way will not only help your home structurally, it will help you rest easier knowing that you have one less thing to worry about.

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Free Foundation Estimate

Agoura Hills

The foundation contractors at Troy Builders are here to help you determine the stability and health of your Agoura Hills home’s foundation. Our comprehensive foundation inspection will determine the best course of action should there be issues or damages beginning to develop and we can also check more cosmetic areas including damaged flooring or tiles and walls.

Our experts also lead the way in foundation repair or even foundation replacement, meaning should something be discovered that might be a cause for concern, our staff will be able to make the necessary repairs quickly, so that you can be sure that your home is up to date.

Foundation replacement can be an extensive process and requires knowledge and skill to perform correctly. When left in the wrong hands, can lead to further structural damages and instability, which is a huge cause for concern for homeowners.

A family owned and operated business; Troy Builders have faithfully and honestly serviced homes throughout Agoura Hills for over 10 years and bring the same level of care and expertise to each job that we take on. If you think your home’s foundation may be cracked, damaged or in need of further inspection, call the experts at Troy Builders to help you throughout the entire foundation repair and replacement process.

Our licensed foundations contractors will not only help bolster your home’s foundation, but after the job is done we will work with you to repair cracked tiles, roofing issues or drywall or stucco cracks.

Call us today to make sure that your home is ready for whatever may come its way tomorrow.