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Considered the “Media Capital of the World” because of the high volume of studios and media company buildings located throughout the city along with Bob Hope Airport as well, you may think that Burbank simply just does not have the space for traditional homes and multiple neighborhoods but with so many companies and businesses throughout the city, there are single-family homes that have been around for years and offer residents a comfortable place to live in a historic city.

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Free Foundation Estimate

Helping to keep older homes in good condition, Troy Builders has the foundation contractors needed to make sure that your home is properly kept and taken care of. Foundation repairs can be time consuming and expensive endeavors but considering the importance of a solid foundation, many residents will pay exuberant amounts for average work but Troy Builders believes in quality foundation repair work done at an affordable price. For over 10 years our high quality work and approach to above average customer service as made quite the impression on Burbank residents, as we are consistently the area’s leaders in foundation repair and foundation replacement.

Damaged areas of a home’s foundation can typically only be found by performing a complete foundation inspection, something that the foundation contractors at Troy Builders will do before each and every job. It is important to determine the best course of action so that you get the work that you need at a more affordable price. In instances of larger damage or problem areas, foundation replacement can be required to correct previously poor work or extensive damage and our staff of foundation contractors have years of experience and know-how when it comes to quickly and correctly replacing damaged foundation so that your home is safer and better prepared for anything the elements, environment or even the land it is sitting on itself can throw its’ way.

There is no substitute for a job well done and at Troy Builders, whether it is foundation repair, foundation replacement or even a preliminary foundation inspection you will notice a difference between the service of our highly trained foundation contractors and those of the competitors looking to just get the job done quickly.