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Full of things to do and a bustling nightlife scene, one of the biggest draws to living in Camarillo is the close proximity to the beach, which is just a few minutes away from most homes. However, for the homes in Camarillo it is important to consider the effects that the salty beach air may have on your home’s foundation in addition to the other wear and tear and damages that it may be subjected to. The salty weather can wreak havoc on paint and foundation alike if left unattended to and a structurally unsound house can be a huge cause for concern to homeowners when it comes to safety.

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The experts at Troy Builders know all too well the effects that ocean weather can have on a home’s foundation and we strive to offer the best foundation repair in the area. A comprehensive foundation inspection will determine the best course of action towards properly repairing your home before any further damage can be inflicted. Our certified foundation contractors will ensure that all the work is handled properly and is capable of withstanding not just the elements like ocean air, but that your home is prepared and up to date structurally in the event of something unexpected such as an earthquake which can strike without warning.

No matter the age of your home, the contractors at Troy Builders have experience performing foundation replacement on homes built anywhere from the 1920s to present day and we will strive to make sure that your home is taken care of the right way, so that you can count on your home standing strong for years to come.

Family owned and operated and the leading foundation repair option for the Camarillo area, Troy Builders believes in quality work done the right way, with no cut corners and an added emphasis on customer service. We have approached each job we take on with that idea and for over 10 years have worked to set the industry standard for foundation repair. Your home is meant to be a source of comfort, security and stability and with Troy Builders’ taking care of your foundation needs, it can stay that way both inside and out.