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A small neighborhood in the packed San Fernando Valley, Encino is full of residents with homes of all ages and sizes. Older and newer homes stand side by side and while you may think that older homes are more prone to needing extensive repairs and renovations, the truth of the matter is each home is different and needs to constantly checked and maintained. Identifying issues early on with extensive foundation inspections and making sure that foundation repairs can be performed is key to preventing lasting damages to your home.

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For homeowners in the Encino area worried about the structure and stability of their home’s foundation, the foundation contractors at Troy Builders are here to help you maintain your home from the structural side of things. Every step of the way from the initial foundation inspection to any foundation repairs that are needed, our staff of experienced specialists will work with you to help you not only see the extent of any damages but understand the impact that foundation issues can have if they are left untaken care of for months and months on end.

Not every foundation is damaged by means of a massive earthquake or something like a falling tree or other obstruction, in fact, most foundation damages occur gradually and slowly over an extended period of time. One of the biggest causes for foundation issues is a poorly done pre-construction compaction of the building pad, which is done when the house is initially designed and made should the soil that the foundation is laid on be improperly compacted during the grading process. As the soil consolidates and settles, it causes shifts in the structure, which can damage the foundation over time.

To ensure that your home receives the proper work, the expert foundation contractors at Troy Builders will help with full foundation replacements if need be, getting the job done right and ensuring that you will no longer need to worry about the structure of your home shifting with improperly performed work. For homes in Encino that are in need of foundation inspection or repair, the expert staff at Troy Builders is just a phone call away.