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Granada Hills

Modern homes are the beneficiaries of some of the latest technology in architecture and when it comes to presentation, some of the larger homes throughout the city of Granada Hills are stunning. These achievements in design and capabilities allow homeowners to rest a little easier considering the structure and stability of their home as opposed to older homes, where older materials and methods may lead to foundation issues as the years pass by. However, no matter what is used or what advancements are made in homemaking, there is no substitution for high quality work and if there foundation contractors do not take their time or are not as experienced as they should be, it can lead to your home needing costly foundation repairs no matter how old it is.

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Free Foundation Estimate

The foundation contractors at Troy Builders offer more than just guaranteed foundation repair work for homes in Granada Hills; we offer a peace of mind that the job will be done the right way the first time. A comprehensive foundation inspection will precede any work that needs to be done so that we can properly diagnose the situation and work with you to devise the best plan possible that fits what your home needs and what your budget is.

There are some careless oversights that can lead to foundation damages later on should the foundation contractors rush or not pay attention to the job and that is where Troy Builders sets itself apart from the rest: we take the time to make sure each job is given the same level of attention to detail. Whether there are telltale signs of an issue like cracks in the walls inside or more subtle signs like uneven flooring or displaced soil causing shifts, our staff of contractors have experience performing any type of foundation repair and should the situation call for it, more extensive complete foundation replacement.

Granada Hills has some of the most breathtaking homes in all of Southern California along with more classic homes that may be a little bit older, but no matter what type of house you live in, the foundation contractors at Troy Builders are here to make sure your home stays standing for years to come.