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Perhaps no city in all of California better understands the importance of a solid foundation for your home than Northridge. The site of one of the costliest earthquakes ever, millions of dollars in damages were inflicted and countless residents throughout the city found themselves with extensive cracks and damages to their homes’ foundation in an instant. While incidents like this are impossible to predict or prevent, advancements in design and architecture are making it possible for more durable foundations to be found in modern homes throughout the city. However, no matter how new your house is or what has gone into designing and building it, having an annual foundation inspection performed will help prevent any costly or extensive damages to your home’s foundation and will allow plenty of time for necessary repairs to be taken care of.

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For homeowners in the Northridge area, no company offers more experienced foundation contractors than the experts at Troy Builders. Northridge’s leading choice for foundation repair for years. By performing an extensive foundation inspection, we are confident that if there is a potential issue or trouble area of any size or severity, we will find it and properly diagnose it before any damages can be caused to the structure of your home. Our experienced contractors are also able to take care of the foundation repair as well, meaning that not only do you get quality work performed to fortify your home, but that it comes at a more affordable and easier price for you.

In the instance of the damage already being done, Troy Builders can also take care of complete foundation replacement, so that you do not have to worry about time-consuming and expensive companies dragging out the process and allowing further damages to develop, instead, our foundation contractors will have the work done fast and at a price that is competitive with our competitors. Homeowners in Northridge know the importance of a sturdy home and it starts with the foundation. Whether you need foundation repair or would just like a foundation inspection to ensure that it is free of damages and design flaws, the experts at Troy Builders offer fast, friendly and affordable work that will have your home taken care of in no time.