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Pacific Palisades

There are not too many drawbacks when it comes to living on the California coast. With beautiful ocean views to go along with wide open and bright floor plans in homes of all sizes, it is no wonder why residents in and around Pacific Palisades are willing to pay a little bit more to enjoy such a picture perfect piece of life in Southern California. It is not all without its’ drawbacks however as living near the ocean can cause accelerated wear and tear to the structure of your home, particularly the salty ocean air’s effects on the paint and wood foundation of your home.

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Free Foundation Estimate

If left unattended for too long, foundation repair can be an expensive and time consuming process, not to mention the added danger that can come from living in a home with an unstable foundation. For Pacific Palisades residents that are in need of a foundation contractor that will make sure their home is in perfect condition regardless of the effects of the weather, Troy Builders has been the area’s choice for foundation repair services for over 10 years.

Starting with an in-depth foundation inspection to determine the health and condition of your home, our foundation contractors will then work with you to devise the best plan possible to make sure that whether you need a complete foundation replacement or just minor foundation repairs, the job gets done quickly and correctly.

Completely licensed, insured and bonded through the state of California, Troy Builders is the rare exception to the idea that high quality work has to be expensive, instead, our foundation contractors will help repair your home’s foundation while maintaining an affordable and competitive price so that your home gets the work that it needs without breaking the bank.

Affordable foundation contractors with your home’s safety and security in mind, if you believe you house may need foundation repairs or even complete foundation replacements to trouble areas, Troy Builders bring years of experience to every job that we do and have earned the trust of home owners in Pacific Palisades for everything from in-depth ad thorough foundation inspections to foundation repairs so that you can enjoy your home and the city with complete peace of mind.