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Named after the storybook character, Tarzana is anything but wild and unruly as a city. An affluent, higher income city, the residents throughout the town have all come to expect above average work when it comes to just about everything, but especially the maintenance and work on their homes. With larger, spacious homes throughout the neighborhoods, knowing the proper ways to check and monitor the home’s health in everything from the foundation that it sits on to the paint, walls and other parts of the house.

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Free Foundation Estimate

For Tarzana residents and homeowners who expect the best when choosing a foundation contractor for home maintenance, Troy Builders has been the area’s leaders for over 10 years. With experienced professionals specializing in foundation repair and foundation replacement, Troy Builders is able to offer a complete service that is unrivaled.

Starting with a comprehensive foundation inspection to measure the overall health of your home’s foundation, we work to provide the most accurate results so that any detected issues can be properly repaired swiftly. While other companies charge high amounts for even the most basic foundation repair, Troy Builders believes in high quality work being affordable for every homeowner which is why even if you are in need of complete foundation replacements in various areas of your home, we will work with you to devise the most affordable plan possible to get your home taken care of.

No matter what the issue may be, the foundation contractors at Troy Builders will provide a thoughtful solution that other companies may not take the time to consider, resulting in a better quality of work that will last much longer than the competition. Completely licensed and insured by the state, Troy Builders will put your satisfaction first, insuring that the job will not be finished until you are happy with the result.

For any foundation replacement or repair needs or if you would like to schedule a foundation inspection to determine your home’s health, please call Troy Builders today to speak with one of our foundation contractors and see why Tarzana has long trusted us with all of their foundation and home renovation needs.