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Beautiful ocean views everywhere you look, there is no such thing as a bad house in Ventura. With quick beach access just minutes away and dozens of Main Street shopping and dining choices, residents love always having something to do to stay busy and not to mention the beautiful homes that the city is known for. With the ocean so close however, regular foundation inspections are critical to maintaining a strong and stable home that is free of damage or any potential issues. Uneven surfaces such as sand on beachside homes can cause the foundation to shift and move and no matter how slight it may be, it can over time lead to massive foundation repairs being required.

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Whether your home is experiencing issues with the foundation or you just would like to have a foundation inspection performed for preventative reasons, the foundation contractors at Troy Builders are the team that you have been waiting for. Offering affordable foundation repair work done right, after we perform a foundation inspection to determine the severity of the situation, we will confer with you to find the best possible solution and whether it is foundation repair to various areas or you would like foundation replacement for problem spots, keeping the costs low without sacrificing quality will be our top priority.

While the beachside properties and ocean views are unparalleled, it is important to know and understand the effects that the ocean air and atmosphere can have on a home and while some companies may just try to offer blanket services to every home, the foundation contractors at Troy Builders understand that each home requires specific work to be done depending on what its’ needs may be. This attention to detail and personalization in work has helped make Troy Builders the Ventura residents’ choice for foundation repair and foundation replacement for over 10 years.

If you are looking for foundation contractors whose work you can count on, Troy Builders is fully bonded, licensed and insured by the state and will provide second to none work that is backed by years of experience working with all sorts of foundation repair needs and issues. Don’t hesitate any longer, call us today to schedule a foundation inspection and help make sure that your home will continue to stand strong.