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What are the Advantages of Foundation Underpinning?

Foundation Underpinning

Homes are investments, but they’re also often where we feel most safe. We secure our homes with window locks and door locks as well as security and alarm systems; but rarely do we consider securing its foundation. Foundation underpinning is a process that stabilizes and solidifies structure foundations to keep them secure during seismic activity, or earthquakes. Keeping our homes safe from burglars and vandals is important; however if you live in Southern California especially, keeping it safe from earthquakes must be a consideration. There are different methods of foundational underpinning that we’ll talk briefly about; however, we feel it’s most important that you’re able to recognize the signs of foundational damage and learn how foundation underpinning can benefit your safety as well as your overall investment.

What is foundational underpinning?

Depending on your home or structure’s specific needs, conditions, and surrounding environment, the underpinning process utilized will vary significantly. In general, foundational underpinning involves 3 different potential processes: supporting an existing foundation; replacing soil with concrete; or anchoring the foundation deeper into the ground. These 3 different methods will further vary depending on the company you choose to handle the underpinning. It’s critical to hire an honest company that has a stellar reputation in your area for foundation repair. Be sure to ask the company about their previous experience and look at their online reviews.

How do you know if your home needs foundational repair?

The signs of foundational damage aren’t always blaringly apparent; therefore, it’s best to schedule an inspection if you’re not sure what condition your foundation is in. The aftereffects of earthquakes on foundations can become evident inside the home in cracked or uneven walls and ceilings, as well as noticeable areas of water damage. You might also be able to recognize visible cracks in the exterior walls of the structure.

What are the advantages of foundation underpinning?

There are many benefits of foundation underpinning, but the best thing it can do for you is give you peace of mind. After the significant earthquakes Californians have experienced, and the stretch of time since the last serious event, many residents are now becoming more concerned with the stability of their foundations. These are some of the advantages of foundation underpinning:

Can prevent other structural problems

Foundation damage can occur because of other environmental factors, such as floods and mudslides. When such damage occurs, the home owner can accrue thousands of dollars in damages to the foundation as well as the exterior of the home and interior walls and ceilings. Foundation underpinning can prevent this damage from occurring.

Can increase value of the home/structure

Prospective buyers always want to know what condition the foundation is in—as foundation repair can be a serious project to undergo depending on the area and level of damage. With a new foundation and sound structure, your home is not only worth more, but more attractive to buyers.

Increases stability and safety

A house is just a structure, and things are just things; the most important aspect of a home is the people inside of it. By underpinning the foundation of your home you are making it safer and more reliable to live in. The last serious earthquake in California claimed people’s lives and seriously injured many others because their homes were not structurally sound. Living with the peace of mind that your home is safe is priceless.

Foundation Underpinning Work in Progress

How Troy Builders can help

Troy Builders has helped a countless number of families secure their homes in the Southern California areas of: Tarzana, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Glendale, Long Beach and Woodland Hills, CA. We offer competitive rates for our clients because we believe that every home owner should be able to afford to have a secure foundation. Whether you need to simply secure your home’s existing foundation or plan on adding on to your home, we are experts in the various foundation underpinning processes that can help you begin the transformation. We also offer earthquake retrofitting, house bolting, and commercial retrofitting for our clients in the nearby areas of So Cal. To schedule a foundation inspection, please contact us directly. If you would like an online estimate, feel free to enter your information on our website.